It's a mistake to describe mountain food as having no form or taste: the truth is that it's substantial and in many ways essential. In Trentino it's just waiting to be discovered: here the local chefs proudly keep our food traditions alive and every now and then bring back to life delicious recipes from the past.


There are countless tasty dishes: from dumplings to polenta with game and mushrooms, from roast with sausages to sauerkraut with juniper and pork. Pork is the basic ingredient of sausages which are very often smoked using aromatic wood, while the giblets are used to make sguazet, a succulent stew of heart, liver and lungs. Vegetables such as savoy cabbage, cabbage and carrots are grown in the garden or mountain pastures and can be used in many different recipes. Our favourite dish is tortel de patate - literally "potato pie" - a local version

of rosti accompanied by cold cut meats and cheeses. 


polentaIn many valleys an increase in tourism has led to a favourable increase in Trentino's gastronomy and viniculture. This is thanks to the efforts made by chefs and wine growers who, in friendly competition, serve only the best to their guests both in summer and winter. Two restaurants have been awarded a star in the Michelin guide - the Malga Panna and the Navalge - both

located in Moena, Valle di Fassa.

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