Bletterbach Gorge


A journey through millions of years...

... is that along your hiking tour through the Bletterbach gorge.

This UNESCO World Heritage site provides insight into the inner part of the mountains, into the world of rocks and stones and into the structure of the Dolomites. The gorge is an open book, where scientists, hikers passionate about geology, as well as nature-loving families with children may read about more than 40 million years of geological history.


The gorge is 60 km away from the campsite, near Aldino/Aldein. To reach the site take A22 highway direction Bolzano and exit in Egna/Neumarkt; follow the SS41 until Aldino/Aldein and then drive straight through the village to Lahneralm.


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Monte Bondone


in Summer

Mount Bondone in summer is the ideal destination for tourist, sports lover, mountain enthusiast, hikers and families seeking a fun and relaxing day out. Bondone offers easy, medium and difficult hiking and walking trails - thus ensuring you'll findsomething suitable whether for a short stroll or a faull day excursion.

There can be found also a great variety of sporting activities: from horse riding to mountain biking, from tennis to skating, from climbing to paragliding. At Località Viote you can find the Centre of Alpine Ecology and the Alpine Botanical Garden, hosting over 2000 species of mountain plants from all five continents. Viote is also the starting point for the unforgettable hike to Integral Nature Reserve of the Tre Cime, named after the three summits - Cima Verde, Dos d'Abramo, Cornet - all accessible via panoramic pathways. The ascent to the highest peak of Mount Bondone, Palon (2090 m) allows you to enjoy a stunning 360° panorama of the city of Trento, the Adige valley, mount Paganella, the Brenta Dolomites, the glaciers of the Adamello range and lake Garda. The peak can be rached either following the trail or by cable car (open from mid July).

The meadows of Monte Bondone provide the grass which is used for the so-called "hay baths" - a form of therapy practised by the locals for centuries to counter the effects of osteoarthritis. To try is we recommend going to Vigolo Baselga and Garniga Terme.



in Winter

For winter sports and nature lovers Monte Bondone becomes a winter paradise. In the sunny Viote valley there are 32 km of cross country skiing tracks twisting and turning through the rich alpine vegetation.

Those who prefer downhill skiing wont' be disappointed by the 13 km of ski slopes, where artificial snow is used to help maintain cover of the slopes. There are four blue slopes for beginners, five more difficult red slopes and for expert skiers a black slope descending from the top of the Palon, 1830 metres in length. Monte Bondone also offers a snow park for those who prefer snowboarding and carving.

There are many different choices for alpinistic and off-track skiing with difficult routes at over 2000 metres. Two qualified Ski Schools, with over twenty professional teachers, are at your disposal whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced skier.

Furthemore, at the rinks in Vason you'll find ice skating facilities and slopes where children can play and go sledging.



Monte Bondone plays host to numerous sporting events, some of which have made the name Bondone famous in the field of highly competitive sporting events. An example? The leg of cycling event Giro d'Italia in 1957 when the Swiss cyclist Charles Gaul arrived at a snow-covered Vason in June! Another famous event associated with Bondone is the "Trofeo Topolino - Criterio internazionale giovani FIS", the most important international event for young skiers, where champions of the calibre of Gustav Thoeni, Alberto Tomba, Ingemar Stenmark and Deborah Compagnoni won their first important race. 

Furthermore, on its twisting roads every year in early July is held the "Trento-Bondone" International Hill Climb Cup - where the drivers compete in a short but intrepid race in close proximity with the public. Throughout the year there are many other sporting events held in Bondone, such as the "Trofeo Chiesa" inter-regional mountain running races and various ski races during winter - ranging from championships for different categories of professionals (policemen, firefighters, doctors, salesmen, etc.), to cross country and off-piste skiing races, and of course the spectacular dog sledge competition (a race valid for the AIM Italian Championships and for qualifying for the European championships ESDRA).


dinosauriIn the autumn of 1999, Matthew Campolongo of the Italian Forestry Agency discovered a series of depressions in the limestone rock during one of his patrolsThe sun was low and emphasized with a clever play of light and shadow a series of rounded cavities in the rock, periodically repeated.

Although the cavities were eroded by water, Campolongo had the clear impression that it was some ancient giant animal footprints imprinted in the limestone. Campolongo immediately signaled his discovery to Marco Avanzini, responsible for the geology section of the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences.

The next survey, carried out in November 1999 confirmed the footsteps belonged undoubtedly to dinosaurs. There are two main sets of dinosaur footprints that can be seen at Dro - only half an hour from our campsite.

The first set belongs to a medium-sized dinosaur, probably a quadruped herbivore, no more than 4-5 metres long and weighing several hundred kilograms. It was undoubtedly smaller and of a different type than those (sauropods) that left their footprints at Lavini Marco in Rovereto. 

The second track probably belongs to a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur. Both sets of tracks formed during the Lower Jurassic (190 million years ago).

Marocche of Dro is one of the few provincial Biotopes consisting of an arid zone. It's made by of a series of stunning rock blocks and is well worth a visit. Ask at reception for directions.

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