meleAll fruit is highly nutritious but apples have many special qualities and are especially recommended for our well-being and health.
Since they are grown on local hillsides and mountains and because of the intrinsic features of the soil, water and climate, apples from Trentino are particularly rich in nutritious ingredients.

Apples are grown in many areas in Trentino but the most famously in Valle di Non. The main varieties are Canadian Reinette, one of the oldest more rustic varieties, Golden Delicious, now the most famous variety in Europe, and Red Delicious, suitable for diabetics. Apples grown in mountain settings are crunchier, tastier and keep longer. All Trentino apples are subject to particularly strict quality controls, ensured by specific self-regulatory codes approved by the local government. The farmers undertake to follow the most natural means of production through all the stages of apple-growing, in order to safeguard the quality standards, the health of the consumer and the environment. Only those apples which have satisfied the quality requirements checked on-site, during processing and at the sales-points throughout Italy, may bear the brand-name Mele del Trentino - literally "apples from Trentino" - guaranteeing the quality, origin and wholesomeness of every apple.

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