In Trentino almost all the varieties of wine are named after the grape from which they are produced. Currently more than 50% of all white grapes grown in Trentino are Chardonnay. As well as producing a white, dry wine - the Chardonnay Trentino Doc - the grapes are used in the production of the Spumante Trento Classico sparkling wine.

In Valle dei Laghi Nosiola is used to produce Vino Santo Trentino Doc, a special dessert wine obtained following traditional wine-making techniques. Other typical dessert wines include Trentino Doc white and rosé muscatel wines - Moscato giallo and Moscato rosa - made from the Muscat grape.
The most commonly grown red grape in Trentino is the Schiava, from which can be obtained a specific and light table wine, often made into a rosé. Among the red wines, a special mention goes to Teroldego Rotaliano Doc - the prince amongst Trentino wines - and Marzemino Trentino Doc, two wines that symbolise wine-making in Trentino and which are made from vines of the same name, both native to the province. Teroldego grapes are cultivated on Piana Rotaliana in Valle dell'Adige, north of Trento, and Marzemino is from the Vallagarina area. Merlot and Cabernet are two varieties that were introduced into Trentino towards the end of the last century.

When used singly, the grapes give their name to the wine, while their "twinning" produces Trentino rosso Doc red wine, a name which includes a wide range of blends of grape varieties.



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