Campsite history


campeggio-anni-80Our campsite was founded in 1984 and started off above Lake Santo (the first of the two Lamar lakes). After just a few seasons, the local council and the Province of Trento soon realised that a campsite growing in popularity but without the proper sanitation facilities had to be relocated in an environment with proper infrastructures: as a result a private company built the campsite in its present location. The campsite is now about 800 metres away from the Lamar lakes, to safeguard the area's environment and complement it's surroundings from a naturalistic point of view.

The current owner, Corrado Nicolussi, took ownership of the campsite in 1998 and since then has heavily invested in a series of modernization and renovation projects to make it one of the best and most modern campsites in the area.

In 2001 a large swimming pool and terrace was built, as well as new chalets aimed at satisfying the needs of the European clientele.


In 2006 the main building of the campsite was rebuilt from the ground up, using traditional materials and design of typical mountain houses.  The new central complex includes bar, pizzeria and mini market, as well as four apartments on the last floor. Additionally, as part of the campsite's commitment to the environment of the area, the first series of solar panels was installed.


In 2011 the main restrooms building (bathrooms, showers, toilets and cleaning facilities) was completely renovated and now include a laundry area, a nursery with changing facilities for infants and a series of private bathrooms for guests. New external paving and flooring on part of the campsite was also relaid.


In 2013 we co-invested, together with the nearby village, in the creation and maintenance of a soccer field and playground area just outside the campsite's gates.


In 2016 the reception and information point were moved in a new-made building, located in a more appropriate and conveniente position to welcome our guests.


In 2017 the relaying of the external pavement - started in 2011 - was ultimated, thus creating an even surface throughout the campsite. Furthermore, new water hookups were added and some of the existing electric hookups were replaced, as well as all the streetlamps. 

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