paraglidingCampeggio Laghi di Lamar offers paragliding courses for beginners and experts alike. All courses are run by Roberto from Monte Gazza Adventure or by Manuel from Paragliding Tandem Team - two local businesses with years of experience. Flights take place near Lagolo in Valle dei Laghi, on Mount Bondone or in Valsugana.  


Paragliding courses are run every day of the week all year around - age requirement: 16 years old with written parental consent.


Trail day in the Paragliding School Field

The paragliding school field is nothing else than a big field with tall mounds ranging from 5 to 50 meters, where you will become familiar with the equipment and learn the techniques of flight takeoff and landing. After an average of 2-4 hours of familiarising yourself you can take flight off the ground, performing the "mini-voletta" (a jump just a few tens of meters high) under the careful watch of your instructor.


Paragliding course - 1° stage

After learning how to take off at the paragliding school field and being able to execute instructions given by radio, the next step is undertaking high flights. If necessary, the first flight can be done in tandem with the paragliding instructor and then you can start flying solo, in total safety and in constant radio communication with the instructor on the ground. The first stage includes RCT, 5 high flights and theoretical lessons - crucial to fly safely.


Paragliding course - 2° stage

In the second part of the course you will complete the practical-theoretical part and will be able to glide in completely autonomy, in maximum safety and with full confidence in your abilities. The flights take place each time in a different place to practice different techniques of flying and different wind/weather situations


Advanced Course in Paragliding

Suitable for experienced paragliders (with licence) who would like to check out new locations with a local guide or improve their techinque.


Tandam Paragliding Course

Let's fly together! This course is aimed at those with a good background and field experience. The school reserves the right to verify whether the participant has sufficient technical preparation and if that's not the case, will provide theorical or pratical lessons to fill the gaps. The course includes a lesson at the paragliding field school to learn tandem takeoffs and landings - much more challenging than a solo flight - and some high flights with an instructor, where you can learn and assimilate the instructor's techniques.



Back to the roots... Originally, the glider was invented to help those having to walk home after a long day of work up in the mountains - they wanted to get home faster and in an exciting manner. There's a great satisfaction to be found in walking to the top of a mountain summit with the glider in your backpack and then flying back down again from the top of the world.


Info & booking: at the reception. 

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