In the area can be found countless exciting trekkings offering magnificent views on the Lake Valley and the Trento area, as well as on the Brenta Dolomites. 


It is recommended to wear suitable footwear and clothing and to always bring with you a raincoat or water­proof jacket.


Rif. Cacciatore - 1820 m

The perfect itinerary for families with children seeking an easy and safe trekking in the Dolomites; you can reach Rifugio Cacciatore with a 3,5 hours walk or by taxi-jeep. More information is available at the reception.   

Rif. Agostini with visit to the Ice Cave - 2200 m 

Rifugio Agostini can be reached with a 1 hour walk from Rifugio Cacciatore. The trail is fairly easy and suitable also for children. We guarantee you won't regret it - the view alone will you breathless and repay all your efforts.


Rif. Brentei - 2200m

This is a medium difficult level excursion and takes a full day.

Rif. Grosté - 2500 m - and Rif. Tucket - 2250m 

This is an easy hike perfect for families, beginners and those seeking a relaxing walk. The starting point of this trekking can be reached by cable car from Madonna di Campiglio.

Tre Cime del Monte Bondone - 2136 m 

The three peaks of Mount Bondone - Cima Verde, Doss d'Abramo and Cornetto - offer a ravishing view of Trento and its surroundings. This itinerary requires a full day to complete and is suitable for families with children. We recommend starting your hike from Monte Verde, thus passing through fragrant and shaded conifer woods on your way to the top and then - after conquering the other two summits - hike down on the Cornetto side.


paraglidingCampeggio Laghi di Lamar offers paragliding courses for beginners and experts alike. All courses are run by Roberto from Monte Gazza Adventure or by Manuel from Paragliding Tandem Team - two local businesses with years of experience. Flights take place near Lagolo in Valle dei Laghi, on Mount Bondone or in Valsugana.  


Paragliding courses are run every day of the week all year around - age requirement: 16 years old with written parental consent.


Trail day in the Paragliding School Field

The paragliding school field is nothing else than a big field with tall mounds ranging from 5 to 50 meters, where you will become familiar with the equipment and learn the techniques of flight takeoff and landing. After an average of 2-4 hours of familiarising yourself you can take flight off the ground, performing the "mini-voletta" (a jump just a few tens of meters high) under the careful watch of your instructor.


Paragliding course - 1° stage

After learning how to take off at the paragliding school field and being able to execute instructions given by radio, the next step is undertaking high flights. If necessary, the first flight can be done in tandem with the paragliding instructor and then you can start flying solo, in total safety and in constant radio communication with the instructor on the ground. The first stage includes RCT, 5 high flights and theoretical lessons - crucial to fly safely.


Paragliding course - 2° stage

In the second part of the course you will complete the practical-theoretical part and will be able to glide in completely autonomy, in maximum safety and with full confidence in your abilities. The flights take place each time in a different place to practice different techniques of flying and different wind/weather situations


Advanced Course in Paragliding

Suitable for experienced paragliders (with licence) who would like to check out new locations with a local guide or improve their techinque.


Tandam Paragliding Course

Let's fly together! This course is aimed at those with a good background and field experience. The school reserves the right to verify whether the participant has sufficient technical preparation and if that's not the case, will provide theorical or pratical lessons to fill the gaps. The course includes a lesson at the paragliding field school to learn tandem takeoffs and landings - much more challenging than a solo flight - and some high flights with an instructor, where you can learn and assimilate the instructor's techniques.



Back to the roots... Originally, the glider was invented to help those having to walk home after a long day of work up in the mountains - they wanted to get home faster and in an exciting manner. There's a great satisfaction to be found in walking to the top of a mountain summit with the glider in your backpack and then flying back down again from the top of the world.


Info & booking: at the reception. 

Other sport activities

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An exciting experience in crystal clear water and breathtaking surroundings... that's what the canyons near the Garda lake offer.

The canyons are absolutely unique and with Trentino Climb fun is always guaranteed! Thousands of people have already experienced these tours finding them absolutely fascinating. The most beautiful thing? Getting a smile out of you.


More information about bookings and special requirements are available at the reception. Our staff will be glad to help you choosing the perfect excursion for you and your family, thus ensuring an unforgettable experience!


canyoning-garda-2Organised Excursions


Duration: 5-6 hours

Price: 120 €

Description: A truly great canyon - hours of fun in an amazing environment. Recommended for those who already have some canyoning experience and are phisically fit.

Highlights: 15 rappels, successive slides.








Duration: 3 ½ hours

Price: 73 € 
Description: A 5 star route - beautiful, exciting, set in a breathtaking scenery of water-carved caves in Valle di Ledro. While you walk through it you have the impression of stepping back in the Jurassic era. 

Highlights: 7 m slide and several jumps, the scariest of which is 10 m (for experienced divers only, but rappeling is also possible here).





canyoning-garda-5PALVICO INTEGRAL

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 73 €
Description: highly recommended as a first experience, it's not too diffcult but you need to be phisically fit. 

Highlights: 7 m slide, 5 m jumps and a final 50 m rappel.










Duration: 4 hours

Price: 73 €
Description: highly recommended as a first experience, it's not too diffcult but you need to be phisically fit. 

Highlights: 7 m slide, 5 m jumps and a final 50 m rappel.







Duration: 4 hours

Price: 75 €
Description: Wonderful canyon that drops straight to lake Garda, a sunny crack. Very enjoyable experience with lots of jump, slides and rappels.  








For info and bookings: ask at the reception or visit Trentino Climb.


Bike camping trentino


Wheter you are expert cyclists or just weekend warriors, don't miss out on the chance to enjoy a mountain bike ride deep in the countryside: you'll feel one with nature and begin to understand why Trentino is internationlly-renowned for biking. Surrounded by mountains, pine forests, lakes, fields, rivers and nature at its purest, our campsite is the perfect place for those seeking an active biking holiday. And if you don’t have a bike with you, don’t worry: you can hire one here at the campsitecampsite!


There's plenty of choice for everyone: from beginner trails for families to challenging XC MTB routes and a downhill mountain bike park nearby for those seeking an adrenaline rush!  If road biking is your forte, you cannot miss the famous road bike races taking place in the area, such as "Giro del Trentino", "Giro d'Italia" or the difficult "Legendary Charly Gaul" route to the summit of Mount Bondone. 


Mountain bike trentinoEasy Mountain bike trails

There are many easy mountain bike trails accessible from our campsite. Gravel roads and forest paths mixed with winding roads through quaint local villages is what you'll find here. The path from the campsite to Lake Lamar is an-all time favourite amongst families with children, but it's also possible to explore the woods and ancient abandoned roads twisting und turning above the lakes or to ride through Prada pastures - just above the campsite - and enjoy some stunning sceneries and mountain views. Furthermore, some segments of the Terlago Bike route are easy to medium difficulty and therefore suitable for families and beginners alike. Further away from the campsite you'll find plenty of routes that allow you to take in the impressive alpine peaks and lovely panoramas.


Near the Terlago lake you'll find the starting point of cycle lane Valle dei Laghi n. 9 - tarmacked and therefore suitable for all types of bikes. You can find more information about his route here and don't forget to take a break every now and then for a glass of crisp fresh wine or some handmade Italian ice-cream. Check out VisitTrentino for more preplanned routes.


XC mountain bike trentino UCI

XC Mountain bike trails

Those searching for challenging cross-country (XC) trails surrounded by spectacular scenery will find everything they need here. Terlago Bike is a 27 km local XC bike trail twisting adn turning in the woodland with a drop of 1200 meters; the terrain is varied, mostly consisting of forest paths and mountain trails providing some steep climibings with loose rock at the bottom to make it more challenging. There are three expert segments where it's recommended to wear a safety helmet at all times and proceed only if highly skilled. Part of the trail host the annual Enduro MTB Cup at the end of June so the whole route is always in mint condition!

Check out the specifics here: Terlago Bike map

To go further afield you can drive to the village of Andalo - on the other side of Paganella mountain - and take the ski lifts to the top where you'll find a wide range of XC routes with stunning views of the Brenta Dolomites. Check out the different trails on Dolomiti Paganella bike and remember to get yourself a pocket map at the starting point!


Further information on the other local XC routes can be found on the VisitTrentino website.


Downhill bike garda trentinoDownhill bike at "Paganella Bike Park"

On the other side of Paganella mountain can be found the Paganella Bike Park - a downhill bike park with countless downhill tracks over different types of natural terrain: from red tracks to blue tracks, faster and more challenging, from black tracks to double diamond tracks for experts only. All the routes feature bridges, walls and ramps to guarantee a challenging and never boring experience! Bring your own bike or hire all the equipment there - keeping in mind that a full face safety helmet is required. More information here.


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